Vortex 2016

Vortex is the largest Chemfest in our country. It is at Vortex that the best young minds in the field of chemical engineering and technology along with fellow pharmacy students come together, take a step away from their textbooks and face the industrial world with all it's challenges. With myriad events to test your talents, Vortex is the go to place for exciting events, plenty of knowledge and lots of fun.


After waiting, thinking, bouncing from one's concept to another's idea, one chemical phenomenon to a hypothesis, we pondered on a very thoughtful conclusion.

It was the famous tagline that all major industries and industrialists remind themselves ALL THE TIME!

And E-U-R-E-K-A, we actually did. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is what is essential to rule out discrepancies in our current day to day functions to make our lives better, sustainable and Innovative.

So why not create something "Sustainable" and "Innovative" through STEM.... something like "Sustainable Innovation through STEM". STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

Vortex 4.0 is all about SISTEM. Making things better, reduce the wastage and increase the utilisation of our surroundings in a better way. Change the way we think, inculcate better techniques and transform it to an unthinkable masterpiece.


Industry defined Problem (IDP) is one of the most celebrated events of Vortex: The Chemfest. It combines various disciplines in its quest to give the most ‘industry friendly’ solution making it one of its kind. The sheer scale at which this event is conducted is noteworthy. Having a proud lineage at YRC-YICC, IDP is a highly popular event of Vortex.

The problems are provided directly by the leaders of the industry and are actual issues faced by the companies

IDP provides an economical alternative for the industries as the problems would require astronomical investments coupled with higher risks in practice.

The prize money of INR 50,000 ensures that the best and the brightest minds participate from all across India.

"Knowledge without application is futile."
In order to put your technical knowledge to test , Vortex 2016 brings to you the Prodigy series of events.Put on your thinking caps and get ready for some real brainstorming , explore your creative abilities by participating in a plethora of innovative events . We have a series of Events lined up for you encompassing all principles like engineering / chemistry , model – making, paper & poster presentation and much more. The events are judged by esteemed professionals providing massive exposure. Take a step away from textbooks , face real life problems . Get ready to think hard for some mind bending competitions and win some exciting prizes.

The Pharma series of events is the category of Vortex events which are based on key areas of Pharmacy such as Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical laws and regulations and also drug store management. Showing tremendous growth since its inception, Vortex is the home of some of the largest student organised pharmacy based competitions in India. These serve to provide a platform for young pharmacists to display their skills in a highly competitive atmosphere. The pharma series of events comprises of Quantity Sufficient, Immunisia, Apotheke, Moot court and Pharmwiz. Jr.IDP will also have a problem statement based on Pharmacy or related areas.

Vortex 2016 brings to you the fun-filled "General" Series of events which appeal to anyone and everyone. We have a pool of exciting events which will test your managements skills, entrepreneurship skills, devising advertising strategies , solving crime mysteries ,treasure hunt and much more. These events will invoke the manager, entrepreneur , stock broker in you and improve your communication ,management , presentation skills and the ability to think on your own. Get ready to have some real fun in this non technical creative series of events and win lots of exciting prizes.

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